Welcome to our temporary website

Welcome to our temporary website

Chesterfield Gallery is now open in the Lower East Side. Please visit us at:


109 Norfolk Street, New York, New York 10002

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm and by appointment


For any inquiries, please contact the gallery at +1 212.388.0609 or via email at Info@TheChesterfieldGallery.com.

Parasol, Robert Mickelsen

Blue Hippo Balloon, Chris Ahalt

Fire, Christopher Windsor

Snow Leopard Bottle, Kiva Ford

Amber Buttress Bottle, Micah Evans

2 Views of Blue / Red Color Motion, Middy Solid Vase Form, Sidney Hutter

Introverre Yellow and Green Vessel, Joshua Bernbaum

Blue Elephant Balloon, Chris Ahalt

Persistence of Nature, Kiva Ford and Jupiter Nielsen

Vertical Vase, Sidney Hutter

Press Release

Press Release

Photo: Kiva Ford and Jupiter Nielsen, Persistence of Nature, 2015

Grand Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 17, 2016; 6:00-10:00pm

Timed with the grand opening of its new exhibition space on the Lower East Side, Chesterfield Gallery is pleased to announce Simon Says, an exhibition featuring new and rarely seen contemporary sculpture by prominent international artists using glass as a dominant material in their practice. Works by Chris Ahalt, Joshua Bernbaum, Micah Evans, Kiva Ford, Grant Garmezy, Sidney Hutter, Yoshinori Kondo, Chadd Lacy, Jupiter Nielsen, Danny White, and Christopher Windsor highlight an enormous range of technical mastery with arresting imagery and provocative forms.


Christopher Windsor’s complex work, Fire, is a natural centerpiece of the exhibition and links 19th Century Venetian traditions, and Bohemian craftsmanship to contemporary improvisation and provocation in the form. Artists like Kiva Ford and Micah Evans take their cues from deceptively simple classical forming techniques to create brilliantly complicated meditations on purity, nature and science. The cupping forms of Joshua Bernbaum evoke a sense of safety and security; Yoshinori Kondo’s orbs are like our eyes - each one unique and complex; Danny White’s sculpting introduces a sense of whimsy with exceptional sculpting; Sidney Hutter’s work exemplifies the perfect intersection of art and technology, utilizing a variety of techniques and interacting with light in incomparable ways and Jupiter Nielsen and Grant and Erin Garmezy’s floral imagery brings us back to the question of whether it is our place to improve upon the imperfection of nature.

About Chesterfield Gallery: Simon Abrahms’ Chesterfield Gallery was started on Chesterfield Lane in West Hartford, Connecticut in 2011 and grew to prominence over the last five years at the Arts and Industry Lofts in Northampton, Massachusetts. In that time, the gallery has exhibited at major art and design fairs including Scope International Art Show during Art Basel in Miami, SOFA Expo in Chicago, and the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York where they garnered a nomination for Best in Show in 2015. Most recently, the gallery has begun to open its door to other mediums outside of glass, including facilitating the loan of an Ansel Adams portfolio to the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut and subsequent sale of the portfolio. Mr. Abrahms’ knowledge of glass techniques and passion for the medium informs a tireless commitment to the representation of major artists working in contemporary sculpture with a special focus on glass. Upcoming shows at Chesterfield Gallery will include solo exhibitions from Kiva Ford, Chris Ahalt, and Micah Evans.


For press inquiries, please contact: Nasim Mirzai, Chesterfield Gallery +1 212.388.0609 or nasim@thechesterfieldgallery.com. 

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